Monday, June 29, 2009

They've Gone Again *sigh*

First and foremost, Today's Funny Bone Monday is directly following this post.

Y'know, it's been awfully quiet here lately. I'm gearing up for a road trip, looking around for Fred and Bessie, thinking they'd love to hit the road again, when it hits me that I haven't seen them in days. Can't find them. So I search the whole house. Toss out a lot of junk. Do some dusting. Darn ADD.

I asked the kids if they'd seen our darling bovines. No go. The Hunny hasn't seen them either, but he never looks. So I asked Flash.

Flash had no clue. I asked Patches.

She had no clue, either. Then I asked Lou.

Lou's a wiley cat. He was quiet at first, but we all know he's not called Lou the Loud for no reason. Once he started talking, I couldn't shut him up. Turns out he was sthe one who sent them packing. He was upset that his Boy was at Scouts camp and was feeling mischievous. Sent those cows away, he did, sometime last week.

So I started looking in the more obvious places. First I visited all the bloggers whose homes they so graciously opened to my little cows. No one had seen them.

I widened the search, heading to other bloggers. And that's when I found my wandering babies. They're at Karen Deborah's. Seems she's spotted them in her garden. At least they're safe, which is a relief. Only time will tell what kind of trouble those two will get into in Mississippi.

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

That Karen!!!

Karen Deborah said...

come see what they are doing! you won't believe your eyes.

imbeingheldhostage said...

so funny!

Candace said...

Sounds just like a cat we have, attitude, attitude. How dare you let his boy leave! I guess he showed you.