Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Evil Sister Entertains

Last Wednesday was quite a day! Red Rocks and I drove from Tulsa to Dallas on Monday, Dallas to central Louisiana on Tuesday, then CLA to Baton Rouge (the home of the Evil Sister) and back on Wednesday. But I love a road trip, so it was a blast! Let me show you what Wednesday looked like.

Heading down the interstate, I saw a sign for the town of LeCompte and for Lea's Diner. Growing up, Lea's was the place to do lunch. Their ham sandwiches are yummy and the pies are TO DIE FOR. Lemon and chocolate meringue like you've never had them. It was a ways off the road, and 9:30 in the morning is too early in the morning for pie, but not too early to take pie's picture. See?

When I was in college I took a friend home on break. We stopped at Lea's on the way down and he about flipped when we walked in. A pyramid of gallon cans of lard for sale by the front door. It is, after all, Louisiana. The lard is gone now. Very sad.

Red Rocks had a tiny pecan pie. Just because he could.

We made it to Baton Rouge safe and sound and found the Evil Sister's house just fine. Her new place is in a pretty, older neighborhood full of brick homes. Her house has a cute pool. Green, but cute:

The photos of the beautiful inside are all blurry, since Mr. Rebel's flash is wonky right now, but I got a great shot of TES in her backyard. Hiding from the camera. Isn't that the biggest philadendron you've ever seen?

Silly girl. Then she took us to lunch. Mmmm! I hadn't had shrimp po' boys in years. Unfortunately, Mr. Monkeysuit ate most of my sandwich. Stinker.

Then he went after the waitress. Bad monkey! She does look charmed, though, doesn't she?

And we were in tiger country. Geaux Tigers!

After a very filling lunch, The Evil Sister took us to a Community Coffee house. I was surprised to find they have coffee houses now, but they've been making wonderful coffee for eons. It was much better than Starbucks, I think. Mr. Monkeysuit thought so, too! He had a long sip of The Evil Sister's banana split cold coffee thingy.

We headed back to her house, picked up the truck and headed back north, but took the scenic route this time. I don't care for I-10 as interstates go. And this is what I call scenic:

If you've never experienced boudin (see the sign), it's a real Cajun treat. I'd never had it the way this establishment serves it, which is rolled into balls, battered and deep fried. I swear I gained 10 pounds last week. And I didn't even try the cracklins, though this was the first time I ever even thought about trying them. They looked yummy.

Mr. Monkeysuit REALLY liked the boudin (boo-dan). My grandmother liked it as well. I loved it. What a fun treat. Did I tell you I think I gained ten pounds?

I'll give you the low down on lunch with Karen and her daughter tomorrow. Red Rocks really hit it off with her girl. This meeting up with fellow bloggers is a blast!

Until I write again ...



MIT Mommy said...

Oh my - I've never gone so far as the cracklings either, but my oh my that shrimp po boy looks like good eating!

So, how does one get the good flea to take a road trip to Ohio, eh? Oh, right, we don't have shrimp po boys, but we do have some good eating up this way too - especially in my back yard. =)

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Marguerite said...

Hey! The pool is not-so-green now. :) And I'm jealous you had boudin balls and didn't tell me! :P

Karen Deborah said...

all that food, is that drool running down my? ewwww but um anyway, it sounds life ya'll had a blast! Some chemicals in that pool will fix it right up.
So Mr. Monkeysuit is your partner in crime these days. It's a good thing he helped you eat all that or you will be wearing scrubs, you know those expandable waistline clothes,....BWAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am stuck on the price of gas being 30 cents less that it is in the greater Seattle area.

Okay, lard, cracklins, boudine, poor boys... Southern food! I can see why you would gain 10 pounds!

Daryl said...

Had the bestest po'boy at Acme Oyster Bar in N'awlins last July ... but now I think I want some boudon .. what is boudon anyway?

Mental P Mama said...

All I could think about was how I'd shock that pool. Then I thought about all those pies. But 2.47 for gas??? I'm coming out!

Marguerite said...
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Snooty Primadona said...

What a great road trip! Now, I think I want to take another one, but have too much physical labor (you know... cleaning) to get through, so I'm stuck. But, I do appreciate you taking me on your road trip!

Also, I love me some Loosiana 'Po Boys and I still have some boudin from my last trip to see a friend down there. People who haven't ever had real boudin just don't know what they're missing. Mmmm...


Robin said...

Yum, I love shrimp 'po boys!

I'm not sure I want to know what boudin is, but I could sure go for one of those pies.

Ellyn said...

I miss southern food. Yum!!

And just for the record, it's never too early for pie.