Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Help! Need Bumper Stickers!

In honor of my road trip, I need to talk about the vehicle I'm NOT driving this week. I'm NOT driving the mom-mobile.

Remember this photo?

All my lovely bumper stickers. *sigh*

This week I'm driving my Hunny's little Tonka truck, his Ford Ranger. I bonded with the truck the last trip. It's my friend. I had to leave the mom-mobile at home.

But! It's a new-to-me mom-mobile! Last week we traded our '96 Grand Caravan for a 2004 Grand Caravan. Went to Sharp Motors and found the new vehicle, which, I must say, drives like a dream compared to the older one. And looks nearly exactly like the old one.

The problem, see, is that all my bumper stickers stayed with the old van. So did our constellations. You don't know about the constellations?

Those lovely ladies are friends of Oatmeal Head. Mr. Monkeysuit is not a friend of Oatmeal Head. We gave the ladies a ride home from school one day. Look above their heads to see the children's constellations! The headlinier was falling completely off and this was our quick, cheap solution. Thumb tacks don't cost much and the kids had a great time making their own patterns in the ceiling. No ceiling cat, though.

So that's gone. I'm not crying about it.

I am crying about my bumper stickers.

In fact, I ordered Glornak the Destroyer from Dave Kellet's store right away. But I can't get the others locally. At least, I haven't looked. And I had a lovely little Texas sticker that Snooty sent me last year. I'll be looking for another on my way home. But if any one of you is out and about and sees one of the others in the top photo, would you keep me in mind? I miss my stickers. Thanks.

Until I write again ...



Asthmagirl said...

Wow! A new mom mobile! I love your bumper stickers. I'll keep my eye open for you!

Karen said...

I forgot that you were advertising someone else's family on the back of your van. That's awesome. Or was.

Daryl said...

Oh too bad about the constellations .. and I promise to find you some bumper stickers .. travel safe!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Congrats on the new van. I want some stickers too!

Karen Deborah said...

yeah on the new van you have been waiting for that! Your cows have been busy.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Congrats on the van... commiserations on the bumper stickers.
I'd love to stay and chat, but it's after 10 and guess who just joined me :-{

Ellyn said...

We love our '03 G. caravan. I'm sure the '04 is even better.

I can't really see the bottom stickers. But I will keep my out for a cool one for you.

Have a great trip.

*Moi* said...

OMG-you are on icanhascheezburger too? Lol!

Warty Mammal said...

Congratulations! Guess I'll have to read ahead to see how the new ride is. Yikes, I'm behind!