Friday, July 3, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Hello Mosquitos! I'm home! YAY!!!!!

Before the update, just a quick nod to a contest on a friend's blog. Book giveaway. I'll be having a giveaway here on my own blog sometime next week. Stay tuned!

Sorry to be so quiet all week, but I had a grand total of half an hour with the internet after Monday morning. The road trip was AWESOME. Got to
see the Evil Sister's house. Mr. Monkeysuit made a fool of himself, as usual, the cows got into trouble in Mississippi while I was away, we stayed with a fellow blogger west of Dallas (Hi, Marcy!), met with another fellow blogger for lunch in Texarkana (Hi, Karen!), ate myself silly, drove a million and half miles. And I'm finally HOME. And I didn't kill Red Rocks even once the entire trip. Aren't you proud of me? You should be.

Tomorrow is July 4th, but the fireworks have already begun. The dogs are already cowering in my tub.

And rockets or no, I'm going to bed. With my Hunny. I missed my man. Pictures and stories will be forthcoming.

Wait. That sounded REALLY bad. I don't want that kind of blog traffic. Pictures and stories from the trip, people.

Oh alright. Just a taste. Here's a photo of a monkey in his natural habitat:

Until I write again ...


6 comments: said...

Thanks for the fun lunch! We thoroughly enjoyed you and the boy. :) You're welcome to come through ANY time. :)

Jeannelle said...

You had me looking twice at that "pictures and stories will be forthcoming".

Hey, good for you to take this trip and meet other bloggers! Sounds like a great time had by all. Coincidentally, I met Caution Flag and her family today at an IHOP in Iowa. Had a wonderful time talking and laughing. Felt like I'd known her forever. Blogging is great for that!

Trisha said...

Glad you are home safe and sound! Sorry I missed you during your trip through Dallas -hope to catch you next time!

I am looking forward to pictures of the cemetery!

Daryl said...

Welcome home ..

MaBunny said...

Yeah, Flea, I was about to say, we don't want stories and pics of you in bed with your man, lol.
Seems some minds think alike!
Loved the pics you posted on FB, they turned out really good.

Ellyn said...

Glad to see your home safe. Can't wait to see what antice MMS has has been up too.