Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The McDonald's Saga Continues

The continuing saga, eh?

Being gone a week, I missed a lot. One was the arrival of a letter from McDonald's. If you'll recall, I ranted a bit about their meal charging policies, the abusive customer service from the manager (the other employees have been stellar), as well as the unsatisfactory follow-up phone call from the supervisor. I vowed never to eat at this particular McDonald's again.

I'm never eating at another McDonald's anywhere again. Ever. Look:

I know it doesn't look like much, but after the letter I wrote the corporation and the subsequent arrogant phone call, this letter is like lemon juice on a cut. The ultimate brush-off form letter from a regional manager. And here is my response to the corporation (not that it will do an ounce of good):

I wrote to y'all right after my experience of being upcharged on meals with this location. The following morning I received a call from a local supervisor. The call was most unsatisfactory. The woman calling was vague and unapologetic. I had to tell her, when she said she was glad she could resolve the issue, that nothing had been resolved. I determined then that I would not eat at this particular location again, even though it's next to my home. This week I received a letter from the Greater Southwest Region of McDonald's, from a Herkita Trueheart. It's a form letter thanking me for my feedback. So far nothing satisfactory has happened as a result of writing and speaking with your company. It's frustrating. I've blogged about my experience twice, challenging my audience to visit their local McDonald's and see if they are also upcharged for their meals. Some have done so. I'll be blogging about this letter, posting a photo of it. And I will no longer eat at any McDonald's anywhere ever.

It's probaby a lame response, but it's a reponse. I'm not letting this pass. Being treated as inconsequential doesn't bother me, unless someone is taking my money and offering a service in return. Then I expect to get what I'm paying for. Service. Cordial treatment. Human decency.

Not happening with McDonald's. They're dead to me.

Until I write again ...



Karen Deborah said...

Eat more chickin.

Ellyn said...

Good! McDonalds is yucky anyway. I will join you. But really I am not hurting their bottom line much. I never eat there.

Go to Arbys. Way better food.

Thanks for the salt dough tip.

Mental P Mama said...

You ought to send this to Matt Drudge...

Anonymous said...

Yup... Tell everyone! And don't let them get away with this "glad it's resolved crap".

Go Flea!

Daryl said...

Perfect letter .. I hope you sent it to whoever the top dawg is nationally and copied your local TV station's consumer whosit person

The 4-Crows Blog said...

I ditto Daryl!......unbelievable!

mumple said...

I agree that you should take this to the airwaves--not so much as a way to harm the company, but as a way to warn others that this location upcharges. If they upcharged you, they're upcharging everyone..and if McDonald's isn't getting the money, somebody in that store is.

I'd name names, too.

Nuttin' I like more than a good fight--especially one that rights a wrong.

Unknown said...


You should send the whole saga into The Consumerist blog http://consumerist.com/

The folks there would love to hear about your experiences.

Warty Mammal said...

Good for you for following up on this.

To heck with them. Jack-in-the-Box gives out better toys AND has breaded, stuffed jalepenos.