Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Card Winners

Remember that contest I ran last week? Back when I was still coherent? Two of y'all are slated to win custom cards - cards you design yourself for your own purposes. Woot!

And the winners are:

Stating "well of course they woud be to send to all my blogging buddies!!!!"is Laura~Peach, or Number 2! Congratulations, Laura! I'll be sending UPrint your email address and they'll contact you directly about your design.

And our other winner says, "As the new-and-official PTA secretary, I could do damage to the teachers and staff at school! (Yeppers, it's come to my attention that I'll have to send birthday greetings--and get well wishes--to the teachers and staff.)

Fred & Bessie would be a delightful way to shake 'em up." Do I need to send you a fun F&B photo, Mumple? Please make sure I have your email address so you can claim your prize?

Thank you all for participating! I look forward to seeing your designs, ladies!

Until I write again ...


Mental P Mama said...


MaBunny said...

Very cool - hope they enjoy their cards! Hope you are having a great week flea!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wow cool thank you i have some pics in mind for these cards!!!!!!!!!! yahooooooooooo! i winned!!!!!!

mumple said...

I just saw this...and I'm so excited, I just may..well, nevermind!

Thank you! I can't wait! (oh, and I did send you my email!)