Thursday, August 13, 2009


Off to inflict pain on the lower part of my body. Yesterday I could't steer because of the pain. Will I be able to push the pedals on the way home today? We'll see.

Until I write again ...



Trisha said...

I am proud of you - working out despite the pain! It will get easier (I think!). Go Flea!

Mental P Mama said...

Will you please take my lower half and work it out, too? Thanks.

kim-d said...

See? Nothing good EVER comes of working out.

Said just like the jealous person that I am. :)

Really, I bow to you for pushing through the pain and forging forward!

Karen Deborah said...

you overdid it. How to do spell sprain? or strain? too much too soon tooo fast... yep take it a bit slower there mama flea.
hey and keep on talking about what's on your mind everybody else is too!