Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It Came From Within

Last week my favorite cousin started her own meme on FaceCrack. I hate FaceCrack. Hi, I'm the Good Flea, and I'm addicted to FaceCrack.

Anywho, she gave me permission to reprint her version of the meme. Which is good, because I have nothing to add to it, really. I just cleaned there a couple of weeks ago. And I no longer have small children. Wait. Let me check, just in case ...

We're good.

Here, in all it's lovely glory, is Mary's meme (FYI - Dallas is the husband, DJ is the toddler, and in our family the bipper bopper is the remote for the TV, ):

Dallas and I couldn't find the bipper bopper, and nobody wanted to watch Thomas after DJ went to bed (though it's still on, and the remote has been found for half an hour now), so we started digging in the couch. Other than a bunch of trash, Q-Tips left by my retarded cat, receipts, nails, screws, napkins, and lint, here's what we found:

1 Marlboro Light (unsmoked)
1 Camel Wide (unsmoked)
1 Expo marker
1 vintage button
2 remote controls to electronics we no longer have or never had
1 straw, still in plastic wrap
1 Wendy's knife, still in plastic wrap
1 red Bic pen
2 black Bic pens
1 black Pentec pen
1 black ClipClick pen
1 paperclip
a bunch of wood chips
a hemp necklace kit that i never owned
2 guitar strings
1 High Life cap
1 Red dog cap
1 Michelob Light cap
1 partially eaten Goldfish cracker
1 cufflink
1 wadded up piece of notebook paper with the beginning of the story that D is currently writing
2 holes
3 quarters
4 dimes
5 nickels
7 pennies
1 RCA cable
and 1 staple that was sticking out of my right ring finger when i pulled my hand out of the couch.


So I wanna know what the wood chips are about. I really DON'T want to know the story behind the cuff link. And OWW! to the staple.

Here's your challenge - lift those couch cushions, bloggy internets! Tell me what's under them! Post your own list for the world to see! Because unless there's something live under them? I can't imagine it being much more intersting than this list. But here's hoping!

Until I write again ...



MaBunny said...

LOL, I'll have to try this, but not sure I want to, lol! Hope you are doing great!

Mental P Mama said...

I'm too scared.

Daryl said...

Its been a long time since Mary cleaned, huh.

Warty Mammal said...

What a great meme! Alas, my own contribution isn't as good: a couple of chocolate chips, some smashed Cheerios and a couple of goldfish crackers.

I keep an old quilt covered with a sheet across the couch, and it usually gets filthy and has to be changed once a week. No time for interesting things like hemp necklace kits to accumulate, alas!

Leenie said...

Fun post! Not going to check my sofa right now, but your cousin's meme reminded me of a list I made a couple of years ago. It's posted on my blog. Don't want to know about the cuff link either.

zobabe said...

OK, I just have food detritus from feeding the cats from my dinner plate, and a couple of pennies, but I hafta tell you this. I have a cousin who owns his own cleaning business, cleaning Dr.'s offices and such at night. He ALWAYS checks the sofa cushions. He claims he found diamond ring once. We were at a funeral home and he told me that story, and he challenged me to check where I was sitting. He found a pen. I found a $50 Buck pocketknife. Heh. He was mad, and he's never forgotten that I wouldn't give it to him.

I just planted a seed! I wonder how many people will check the next time they go to a visitation. LOL