Friday, August 14, 2009

Sheeeeeep! And Contest!

Did I show you my sheep? Surely I didn't show you my sheep. If I did, just shoot me, okay? But my sheep is sooooooo cute! Lookit!

Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen? He's in my front garden! Almost as cute as Flaco, my favorite lizard that my mommy gave me:

I squishy heart the sheep. I'd like one of you to name him, please? I'll let my Hunny decide which name is best. Leave a fun name in the comments. Deadline is midnight where you live, Tuesday of next week. Prize - hmm. I have several novels I've read lately and have no shelf space for. A Tami Hoag, Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson. I'll send several.

While I'm here, have a look at the front yard (Dlyn would be so proud. Are you proud, Dlyn?):

It's that silver sage that blooms so nicely this time of year. And the back yard:

Wait - that really is taken in my back yard. I brushed the dogs yesterday. Again. The third time this week. Stupid triple coats. They're shedding like crazy.

In other news, the kids went back to school yesterday. In honor of returning to school, the boys insisted on having new hats. Even though they're not allowed to wear hats to school. See Red Rocks?

His hat is awesome. Oatmeal Head likes his, too.

And for Maybelline, we just went ahead and had a phone surgically attached to her ear. Made sense to me.

I have two kids in high school now. TWO. Gack! And me so young! My Hunny, he's young, too. He just doesn't look it. But he is devilishly cute for an old man:

Unless he's making faces at me:

Oh my. I have to go walk with my friends now. Maybe today they won't torture me.

Until I write again...


P.S. Remember! Name the sheep!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hummmm he just looks like a George... yeah i know oh so original.... just remember my cats name was dono as in I donknow his name...slip in the southern accent here... we had dono for many years... my hubby informed me yesterday his secret question thingy was pets name... and of course he put dono lol
ps dono has been gone since martha was born... he was here when we left for the hospital gone never seen again when we came home... where oh where did my dono go??

Evil Sister said...

I've decided to go with my moniker and suggest something 'evil'. How about Fluffy Ewe. You can call him F. Ewe for short! I know it's a "he" but work with me here. You said I could play to the judge!

OK. Fine. My alternate is Curly. Now, you just need a Larry and a Moe (or a Daryl and Darrel).

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hmmmmm . . . nameless sheep, garden lizards,a nd back to school hats . . . I'm outta breath already. I live in another world. But wait -- I just named the newest Garden critter "Walter" (it seemed mean to call him Mr. Stinky, even if he is a skunk. Yes, the really alive kind).

I have no name for your sheep, alas . . . *sob* [as she runs to the garden to ponder and play LOTS on this Friday of FUN -- enJoy, dear one!]

Karate Mom said...


Unknown said...

OMGosh your childrens are so handsome and beautiful! my youngest got a fedora hat too!

Love the sheep as for a name hmmmmm

I'm gonna go with Beckham, Becks for short now all you need is a Posh and some spice girls...

kim-d said...

Okay. Name the sheep. How about...

Baa-by. Like Bobby. Only Baa-by. Cause it's a sheep.

I realize this guess is...hmmm, how should I put it?...NOT GOOD. But I have until Tuesday to come up with something better and try again.

Still. I sort of like Baa-by.

MaBunny said...

does it have to be a 'he'? Because if its a 'she' , then I vote for Ewenice:))

Jill of All Trades said...

How about Clarence, yup, I like Clarence!

Trisha said...

I think Corn-wallace would work fos your sheep!

Ellyn said...

Wow. Haven't been here in a while. Gonna read on in a moment but first a name for your sheep. Andy. He looks like an Andy to me. Or is he were considering a sex change to become a she, I think, Daisy would work.

abb said...

Love the family photos.

And that's most definitely Farley up there.

mumple said...

Baabra Kennedy.

Go on, say it. You DO sound like a Kennedy!

Warty Mammal said...

Nice sheep, great flock. Anyone can put a few flamingos in a yard, but a sheep is a nice change.

Unknown said...

I had a dream about that sheep and in my dream his name was bam-bam...yes as in the flintstones

now if it was a girl sheep it would for sure have to be a Velma....i dunno why i got cartoons on my brain

But I also have gilligans island on the brain so it could be the professor