Friday, August 21, 2009

Sheep Contest Winner

We have a winner! I emailed my Hunny the list of names, so he wouldn't know who suggested what, and he chose a winner! First, let me tell you that he also chose a runner up. I might have chosen the runner up as the winner. I might send her a book, too.

Here, for your amusement, is the list of names:

Suggested by Laura~Peach is George

Suggested by my Evil Sister are Fluffy Ewe (F. Ewe for short), or Curly

Debbie in CA ran sobbing from the room rather than name the sheep - it seems naming her skunk was all she could handle

Karate Mom suggested Sherman, which reminded me of Bullwinkle cartoons

Georgie suggested Beckham, or Becks for short - she seems to think the sheep needs more sheep

Kim-D likes Baa-by, said kinda like Bobby - say that one out loud

MaBunny voted for Ewenice - bwahaha!

Trisha says Corn-Wallace works for the sheep

Jill of All Trades suggested Clarence, which I can totally see for this lawn ornament

Ellyn thinks it looks like an Andy or a Daisy

TSAnnie insisted on Farley

Mumple cracked me up with Baabra Kennedy - another one to say aloud

Warty Mammal was complimentary, but offered no names - I'm guessing she's at her book limit at the moment

I let Georgie sneak in with a last one, since it came to her in a dream and all - Bam-Bam ... or Velma

The runner up is Fluffy Ewe! The kids and I all loved this one. Evil Sister is a genius. She even played to the judge.

The winner, though, is Corn-Wallace! Trisha, of In My Dreams I Can Talk, will be getting a stack of pre-read books. How much fun is that? Honestly, as much as I love F. Ewe, I absolutely adore Corn-Wallace. So thank you, Trisha, for naming my sheep! Baaaaa!

For those who didn't win, there's still time to enter my other contest. The deadline is tonight, midnight wherever you live, so drop a line at that post letting me know how you'd use cards you design yourself. I'm afraid I might not have been clear - use your own design in what ever way you see fit! There will be two winners in that contest!

Thank you, everyone, for offering such creative names. I love them all! But Corn-Wallace now lives in my front garden.

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

LOVE IT! Corn Wallace is just so dignified!

Mental P Mama said...

Oh, and now you are going to have to dedicate his own plaid!

Marguerite said...

Grats on Corn-wallace! :D

MaBunny said...

All of those suggestions were cute - why was my name in a different color?

Trisha said...

I won? Really? Yeah! Corn-Wallace just seemed natural. I am glad that you liked it! I can't wait to get the books - you know you are just feeding the addiction!

Egghead said...

Corn Wallace ha ha! I love that. It somehow seems fitting for a sheep.

Daryl said...

Shouldnt it be Colonel Corn Wallace?

Dont I wish I had been that clever and entered that name ..

Unknown said...

obviously i shouldnt be naming sheeps lol great choice of name corn wallace altho F ewe was just as genius LOL