Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update on an Update

Before I update, let me just state that I don't know how to fix healthcare. My post yesterday wasn't about my outrage over that situation. I'm upset that Big Brother is breathing down our necks, asking us to tell on each other. Upset that freedom of speech means little to them.

Okay. Done. Deep breath.

Remember I told you I was working out regularly with friends? I think I told you I'd added a weight regimen. Joined the gym at my alma mater for 25 bucks a year. Woot!

What I'd forgotten would happen was the inability to type without pain once I began. I worked upper body yesterday, using Body For Life weight guidelines. It hurt to steer the car this morning. And this is about all I can handle typing. So I'm going to go now. Maybe soak my arms in something curative. *whimper*

Until I write again ...


P.S. MUD has several fun editorials on what he would do if he ran the country. He's so eloquent.


imbeingheldhostage said...

well you have us fired up-- I was already watching the healthcare issues, but believe me, the news I get is very skewed.

MUD said...

Is eloquent kind of like full of it? That's me MUD

MUD said...

Is eloquent kind of like full of it? That's me MUD

Bunchy said...

Why is it that when you say you're sore, all I wanna do is be sore too cuz I know it's so good for me? But then when I actually try to do the things that make me sore, I decide they take too long and hurt too much? All this to say, Good for you!!