Friday, October 30, 2009

The Ballet. Not So Much.

So. We went to the ballet, the writer's group did. Dracula.

First, we knew we were in trouble when we go to the nosebleed balcony and friend Heather, who has vertigo issues at all times, nearly passed out. Second, the men weren't wearing tights (that was actually a plus, though, from where we sat? It wouldn't have mattered - everything was tiny). Third, the curtain went up and I said to myself, "Holy crap. This is a ballet. There are no words."

Yeah. That. And more.

The first act was awful. I haven't been to a ballet in more than 20 years and tonight I remembered why. Besides the whole telling a story without words thing (yes, I'm a Neanderthal), the first act was boring. Same thing over and over. And over. Just bad.

There were three acts. The first was 30 minutes, with a 20 minute intermission. I have no idea how long the second act was. Heather was either going to puke or pass out, and she was my ride, so we left.

We went to the Gypsy Coffee House instead. Their Americanos are to DIE for. As is their live entertainment weekend nights. We were lucky enough to see the Queens of Chaos again! Check 'em out. I really want to take classes now! I wanna wear those cool clothes. And the dancing is far more interesting than ballet. Oh! And no more delightful way to thoroughly embarrass your teenage children.

Tulsa Belly Dance Promotional

Ms KittieSparkle | MySpace Video

So that's how my weekend rolls. The kids'll be handing out candy while I work. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

Wow. and ahem . . . Wow.

OK. So I'm a generously proportioned woman but . . . um . . . really? No, really?

I suppose I admire these women for stepping out and trying something this risky, and I KNOW I could do the moves, etc. but not for awhile yet, OK, Flea? Please?

I know you said YOU want to try it, and that YOU want to wear the clothes (which are INCREDIBLY cool BTW), but I can JUST SEE YOU trying to get our little fitness group together to try this out and well . . . the next thing you know Paul would be looking to move our family to Canada . . .

ok. maybe one class. once. under a pseudonym.

SapphireSavvy said...

Oh em gee!

I *liked* the first act! You shoulda seen the second... Snooze fest. I thought act one was really visually stunning. And I don't like ballet! At all! It was unusual, neat to look at, dark, freaky. People were flying around. What's not to like? LOL

I left early in the third act, after Renfield pranced around eating imaginary bugs. Yeah.

Leenie said...

There's dancing and then there is DANCING!

Trisha said...

Ahhhh - I was wondering how you would like Dracula interpreted in dance! It reminds me of my Romeo and Juliet experience - it was all good until it took them three dances to die and then . . . the FAMILY danced on for about an hour after they were dead! Doesn't the story end when Romeo and Juliet die?

Glad that you had fun at the coffee house though!

Jennifer said...

Okay I am Seriously ON for belly dancing now! That looks so cool! And trust me my stomach that I control with Spanks on a daily basis, because I was deranged enough to have five children will gladly thank me for getting into shape and out of spandex!

Karen Deborah said...

I think it's cool that they aren't all skinny!!! whoo hoo hats off to ya ladies! Wish I could shake my stuff like that- it'd probably break!!

Mental P Mama said...

I have a whole visual. And it ain't good.

zobabe said...

Gee. It would seem I need to move to Tulsa for the CULTURE, if nothing else. LOLOL

Warty Mammal said...

Your first paragraph made me chortle. "... everything is tiny." Oops. Need to extract brain from the gutter.

I have no sense of culture. Ballet and opera both leave me cold. The bad news is, my sister-in-law is an opera singer.

Jill of All Trades said...

Yeah I saw that it was a Dracula ballet and I thought...uh no...and I NEVER do the nosebleed section. I would be the one passing out too. Whew, just the thought makes me swoon.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Well too bad the ballet sucked, but good for you guys for salvaging the evening.
Hope you and yours are well and happy!

imbeingheldhostage said...

You're making fun, aren't you? I would SO do that if there was an opportunity here-- three rolls and all. Think how much the Hubby would like to see you one of those outfits!