Friday, October 16, 2009

The Clown is Safe and Sound - Phew!

OMG. I thought maybe my Hunny made cement shoes for my wee baby clown. Hunny's hit man left a voice message on my cell phone telling me they were fitting the clown for a coffin. It was the scariest day of my LIFE. I'll never get over it.

I lie. I got over it. When I found the little cutie pie in the bathroom, under the sink. Isn't it the sweetest thing?

I mean, c'mon - he's petting little Wallace, for Pete's sake! How cute is that?

And Keri? I about died laughing at the thought of your Hunny watching a cow watching him shower for weeks. Thank you. :)

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of ... The Hunny and the Wee Clown. Keep the names coming. So far none seem to really fit. I'm hoping the above photo triggers a name from someone. Thank you!

Until I write again ...



Trisha said...

While I am certainly glad that the clown didn't end up sleepin' with the fishes, I don't know if I would go so far as to say that it is . . . cute! Frankly, it is a bit scary - and I LIKE clowns!

Keep finding places to hide him/her though - I like reading about the adventures!

Heather said...

Ok, I HATE clowns. You know this. They are the spawn of satan. Right up there with Teletubbies. So all of my names end up sounding evil or ominous. I will try to be more open minded. Perhaps Patches. Or Snarky the Clown. Or even Cammy (short for Chameleon since the darn thing shows up in so many places). Perhaps even Pale Face who runs with Cows and Frogs. But that might be too long a name. Of course, there's always Gacy after the serial killer. Just sayin'.

Deborah said...

Good luck in naming your clown. Bozo is good. That is the only clown name I know.Are you trying to give your man a heart attack? I thought you loved him and I am sure he did too. Poor Hunny:) Visiting from the linky on Georgie's blog. Nice to meet you.

Ellyn said...

This little clown show is a riot. You are a mean, mean wife. Or you could look at it as you are helping him to overcome his fears. That would make you a good wife. But I have a feeling he won't see it that way.

I like Percy. He looks like a Percy to me.