Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Misshapen Wonder

Good morning bloggy peeps! Guess what I awoke to this morning?

Oh wait. You're probably cringing right now. No need to cringe. Really. Look what friend Heather sent home with me a few weeks ago, now sitting on my kitchen counter:

Cute little machine, huh? Look what was inside:

The smell of it woke me about 5:30. Mmmm. It was tough to go back to sleep for another half hour. I'll have to get better about setting that timer. Look at it once it's out of the machine.

Hearty Oatmeal Bread. Glorious. The top end is pretty wonky looking, I admit. I'm nothing if not a sacrificial, giving mother, so I took it upon myself to eat the end piece. With butter. Oh man was it good. Really good.

Now I'm in search of a recipe which incorporates flax seed and sunflower seeds for that cute machine. Life's an adventure, no?

Until I write again ...


P.S. Thanks so much for all your encouraging words on yesterday's post. I'm looking forward to saving the world someday. :)


MaBunny said...

I'm glad you are having fun with the break machine. You are such a good person to take that end piece so no one else should suffer the horror!

Marguerite said...

Mmmmm.... that reminds me. I can now use my bread machine as well! Yay! I love having a big kitchen again!

Trisha said...

Mmmmm. Bread! It looks scrumptious!

Daryl said...

the end piece is the best piece, I bet you have those kids fooled into thinking its not ..

CanadianMama said...

I'm hoping Sanata gets me a bread machine for Christmas!! My waistline is not!!

That bread looks great. Does it make good bread? Was it easy?

calicobebop said...

Looks like good stuff to me!! How exciting to find new recipes!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oooh, I haven't really made bread since we moved here. I hated giving up my Oster machine (110v).
Put things like Flax seed in on the last kneading. You can add them to any bread. Play around with carrot/dill or bread sweetened with apple butter-- the family will be fighting you for the end piece!
How fun Flea, I'm thinking I might make some bread today.

(Oh, and I had terrible luck finding a class anywhere within 40 minutes of me, but I'm NOT giving up.) Do you have skype?

Warty Mammal said...

The only thing to do, when you get a misshapen loaf, is to trim the odd bits off and, um, dispose of them. It's for the good of the family.