Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One More Wish List Item ...

Doh! I forgot one of my absolute newest favorites on my shopping list yesterday! Though this is more the gift I get for myself than for others, because you just never know what people will like. And who will be offended. It's soap!

uh yeah - I already unwrapped my yummy almond and put it in the shower

Not just any soap, mind you. Way back in early October there was a craft bazaar nearby and I found a soap lady who makes all her soap from creamy soothing things. No animal fats. Real cream. Almonds and lavender. Tea tree oil. Essential oils. Mmmm! They all smelled so good! I wanted them all.

We got to talking, me telling her about my dry skin and thyroid issues, and she refused to let me buy the rose soap (OMG - it smells SO GOOD). I was a little put out by it, but she said to stick with the lavender fields or the almond cream. Since I adore the scent of almond, that was fine with me.

I totally stopped using my beloved shower gel and used only the almond creme for an entire month (that's how long the bar lasted). It suds up very nicely. The ground almond acts a fun exfoliant. Smells DIVINE while I'm using it. Then rinses squeaky clean and the smell - all smell, good and bad - is gone.

The results? My poor Hunny. I'd climb in bed at night and ask him to pet my back, see if I felt any softer. Right around week three he stopped suddenly, surprised, and said all my tiny bumps were gone. What tiny bumps?!? What the heck was he talking about? Seems I've had teeny little bumps all over my back for years, just like Maybelline has, and that three weeks of this soap and they were GONE. Coooooool.

So I emailed the soap lady and asked her to recommend soap for Maybelline, whose problem is worse and who may not care for almond, and for Oatmeal Head, who has the opposite problem with his oily skin. She said, "Give me your phone number," and called me at ten on a Saturday night to talk soap.

For Maybelline she recommended the Lavender Fields, and Oatmeal Head got the Fresh Clay. I can't report yet, since they've been using them less than a week, but am hoping to have results in two weeks. What's in two weeks, you ask? Why, the soap lady will be returning to Tulsa for our annual Affair of the Heart blow out craft fair to end all craft fairs! And I'll be taking her picture and stocking up on soap for the entire family, throwing away all the shower gel! Woohoo!

So stay tuned. I'll let y'all know how the skin issues go (I just KNOW you want to stay tuned for the continuing saga of the Good Flea's family's skin issues, huh?). And it'll be fun to meet this lady in person!

Until I write again ...



Marguerite said...

Ooohh... this wouldn't be while I am visiting would it? :)

Warty Mammal said...

Artisan-made soap is a wonderful idea. It's one of those things many people won't think to buy for themselves. It's something people genuinely need and will use up, useful qualities when so many of us live in homes filled to overflowing with consumer goods.

Daryl said...


There's a crafts person at the fairs here who sells natural soaps .. pricy but excellent .. I have given them as gifts many times .. what's the name of the company?

judi/Gmj said...

Mouth watering post! :)

Leenie said...

Great gift idea. I really dislike shopping, especially during the dreaded last two months of the year. Some of my friends may be sweeter smelling and smoother in 2010.

Ellyn said...

Hey Flea, long time no comment. Just catching up.

First-you are a mean lady to your husband. Poor hunny.

Second-The bread looks delish if a little funny. Do you post recipes?

Third-I just love those little hand made soaps. They make me feel so grown up.

Fourth-How's the weather in Tulsa these days. Is it still fry an egg on the sidewalk sort of hot or just melt butter on the counter hot. Let me know. I have your much deserved and very belated thank you gift waiting.

Have a great night.

Girl of True Heart said...

ooohhh special soap i love special soap!!!

i can't believe you've been here all this time and i haven't found you!

well i've found you now! mmmmwwwhhhaaa!

Aubrey said...

Awwwwwwwww.... Thanks, Mz Flea! I can't wait for the final report when I see you this weekend!

Hugs, Aubrey (said soap lady...)