Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

It is the COOLEST thing. Ice. I squishy heart ice. We have ice! In Tulsa!

And snow. The snow's just starting to come down. Beautiful.

I know y'all want pictures. I took some. No snow photos yet, but Mr. Rebel was in a good mood and snapped some ice shots for y'all. Lookit!

Flaco is cold

No. No I haven't taken in the Christmas decor. You got a problem with that?

My gnome - protecting the garden from marauders

Even weeds are pretty when covered in ice

My neighbor's tree - lots of damage a couple of years ago, but it's been trimmed up and is ready to handle the weather

Objects in this mirror look very blurry, too

Poor Colonel Corn Wallace. He's cold. It doesn't seem to effect his appetite, though.

I took this photo for Red Rocks. He was mightily impressed with the length of the icicles.

Fred and Bessie's Zen garden's a little frozen at the moment

The thyme should come back nicely

SOMEBODY didn't cover the grill the last time they used it

This poor tomato has seen better days

Until I write again ...



judi/Gmj said...

fantgasticly cool. I am sooo gellous.
looking forward to the snow shots... if you can leave your Christmas Decorations up.. I can ignore misspellings.

zobabe said...

Such pretty, pretty pics of such a damaging thing. Glad it's not worse. And I have Christmas stuff out from ages ago..literally, years. Nothing anybody would notice..still. Great pics, Flea. Keep that camera clickin'!

OH! How did Dave find Flaco?? Did he tell you?

Mental P Mama said...

Pretty but scary at the same time! Hope you all are staying warm;)

Leenie said...

The news would have us believing the whole of OK was a disaster with all people hunkered in "warming shelters." Good to know you, your garden gnome and General Corn Wallance are okay. Should I order up a St. Bernard with a little wooden barrel under his chin just in case?

Trisha said...

Love the photos! And the fact that you are so darn excited about ice!

We just got a LOT of rain down here - something like 4 inches in 24 hours.

Stay warm!

Tamacita68 said...

Hi Flea.... this is what makes me thank God I just moved to Florida from Illinois. :0))

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Ok I will not complain about all of the 6 plus inches of snow that is falling right now after seeing these pictures. (but they are pretty)
I am so not a winter person.
Stay warm. Stopping in from Daryl's.

abb said...

Ice coatings are gorgeous...and sometimes not so good. BUT nothing more beautiful than an ice storm.