Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yes. More Stuff That Came In the Mail.

I'm feeling rather sheepish about today's post.

Oh hush. I couldn't resist posting a picture of my wee sheep.

More stuff has come to my mailbox. Fun stuff. For instance, Snooty sent me this great book on making twig furniture! Now I have to start bugging friends and family to save their cuttings for me in the fall. Thank you, Snooty! I can't wait to start making furniture, too!

The next one has a little back story. My grandfather, who died 12 years ago, was a rancher and traveled all over the country. He and my grandmother loved the southwest and its jewelry. Some of my favorite things my grandfather wore were his silver and turquoise bolos. I was so sad when he died and all the bolos went to the men in the family.

At Christmas, when my aunt asked if there was anything in particular of my grandmother's jewelry that I wanted, I said no. I'd really just loved Papaw's bolos. And look what came in the mail from my aunt last week:

It was black with tarnish, so I made a baking soda paste and polished it up. Isn't it pretty? Honestly, this was my favorite one, the one I remembered him wearing when I was a kid. Eventually I'll get a photo of myself wearing it. I love it! Thank you Aunt Mary Anne! Thank you, Papaw. It's beautiful.

What next, you ask? I'm coiling another pot, experimentally, of course. I love experimenting with pots. Using college colors this time. I'll show you when I'm a little farther along in the process, though. Until then, anyone want to buy a melon basket? Handmade by me. :)

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

I hope you gave your mailman a big hug! That's quite a haul!

Daryl said...

Love that Snooty sent you that book .. the revised edition .. do you wonder what they revised?

Wear Papaw's bolo in the best of health!

abb said...

Love that basket! Your talents are endless!

Snooty Primadona said...

One of my grandads wore bolos too. He used to tell me that it was a Texas Necktie. How sweet that your aunt sent you that.

Enjoy the book. I made many garden and plant trellises with ideas from that book. Unfortunately, I'm not real big on reading directions so I never got much more done than trellises and wreaths, lol.

Nancy at EmbroideryIt.com said...

Ohhhh...I'm looking forward to seeing your coiling.