Tuesday, February 9, 2010

General Updates

So the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Red Rocks made the decision to take some time off from Scouts. It was a tough decision. He was up all night throwing up and I think that's why. He's home today.

Maybelline's grades are consistently better so far this semester. She seems to be grasping Latin better, seeing her need for it.

Oatmeal Head is finally back to school. Stomach still not right, but not spending the entire night in pain. I think he's afraid to eat. He'll be okay.

My Hunny built for me a work bench to use to burn my baby animals. He's so sweet. Wanna see it? I knew you would. The photos aren't the best, though.

My burning, it's not so great. I mean, some of it I like. Some of it I don't. You'll know which ones I don't, I'm thinkin'.

Covered up the bunny snot. Yeah.

Burnt baby giraffe in the morning.

Butterfly's done. I think I might have a home for it.

The pig is still my favorite. Hands down. Anyone wanna spend 35 bucks on burnt pig?

So. The Saints won the Super Bowl. Somebody pinch me.

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

Well no one will ever accuse any of you all as being lazy! I love your new creations! Who Dat!!!!

Lisa said...

Wilbur is awesome!! You did a great job on it:)

Trisha said...

That work bench is neat! Your Hunny is so nice to make you your own space to burn stuff!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the baby riff raff too he is just adorable... poor bunny lost his snot... and wilbur is adorable... flutter fly is great too hope it has a wonderful home :)

Daryl said...

Good thing your Hunny hasnt got the later gene ToonMan has .. my desk? 10 yrs with C-clamps vs actually being nailed together ... do not get me started

Leenie said...

You just have the greatest hunny! An altar to burn the animals on--outstanding! And the results of all that burning is looking GOOOD. I like the natural look of the giraffe, although that bunny needed some paint help after that bad cold. Hope the kids get better. Sick kids put a crimp in partying at home during the day.

judi/Gmj said...

C clamps??? don't they use those in delivery or something?
you gottsa nice hunny.

Karen said...

So you chose not to show the ones you didn't like, then?

Karen said...

Thrilled about the Saints myself.

The burning of baby animals is coming along nicely. (Statements like this make me wonder how many PETA related hits you get a day. chucking to myself.)

And...your Hunny ROCKS!

MIT Mommy said...

Well done on the burning. With our 10th annual pig roast coming up, the pig theme appeals to me. Unfortunately, the thought of an implication of roasting Wilbur makes me a little sick to my stomach.

I think they are all very well done, but the butterfly is my favorite too.

MIT Mommy

CanadianMama said...

I can't help but be sad for your basket making hobby now that you've found wood burning LOL!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Look at you! I'm eager to hit this stage where the kids actually let you create something. You must be very proud of yourself-- they're great!

BTW- my dvd should be here today. You know, the one taking the place of a class we discussed since there weren't any available locally. I may send video so you can laugh at me :-)

Daisy said...

We've decided that watching a rabbit wash its face is better for lowering blood pressure than any meds. Sweet bunnies; so cute.