Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beautiful Things

My Hunny left me this weekend. He took off with another woman. My mother.

And with my brother.

It was horrible.

But he's back! I've taken him in and all is right with the world.


But I'm going to be busy for awhile.

Not only am I still burning baby animals and weaving baskets - oo! Oo! Quick photo of the basket I wove at Marcia's this weekend, with friend Michelle:

Not only that, but I'm wading through boxes of documents, poems, photos, report cards, etc., etc. For instance, I found my uncle's letters from college concerning his probation and suspension. He's a lawyer now, so I figure he got past that hurdle.

I'm surrounded by beautiful things I've only ever seen at my grandmother's. My Hunny? He and my mom and brother drove to Louisiana over the weekend and loaded a giant truck with Mamia's things and brought them home. I'm so proud of my Hunny for stepping in in my place and working hard. He brought home things I thought I'd never see again.

Like this floor vase I've always loved:

And this adorable petrified end table:

Or this pony tail:

I am seriously hoping that it's a doll's pony tail, and not my grandmother's. It was with her baby clothes. Ew. Can you imagine? Having your own baby ponytail in a box for your entire life? EW.

I'm still wading and sorting. Polished some silver today. Placed some really ugly porcelain around the house. Hung some of my grandmother's paintings. This one is my favorite:

Hung the tiny hummingbird in my kitchen where the light will catch it:

All is right with the world. I'm sneezing like crazy because of the dust, but life is good.

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

Timeless treasures...And judging by all the healthy hair your gene pool sprouts, I'd say that's a baby ponytail from the Flea Dynasty!

abb said...

Memories are the best! Well, maybe your hunny is the best...

judi/Gmj said...

Great post, and I am so proud of your basket.!
Hummm... why would they cut off her baby ponytail???
Such pretty blonde hair. Hummm...
head lice? :D
now you can EWWW.

Daryl said...

Back in the day, baby's first hair cut meant keeping a lock ... apparently your gran had a lot of hair

Marguerite said...

Ooh, pretty! My stuff is still packed up. I really need to start sorting it out.

And your Hunny and I almost fought over that vase... >.<

Janita R. Hall-Swadley said...

You want to know something really gross? I kept my son's umbililcal cord inside a plastic bag in his baby book for almost 20 years...that is, until it started to turn green and smell really funny. Now that's totally EEEWWW! I'd take a lock of hair any day over that!

Leenie said...

Wow! on the basket. You're therapy is coming along nicely. You ended up with quite an inheritance. Good on your hunny for the big help-out. It makes me wonder what my kids will do with all the stuff I leave behind.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

awesome job on the basket flea. and you struck gold with all those treasures!

Pearl said...

OH MAN but you and I have similar tastes! Love the end table and love love love the painting. Wow. Lucky you!

And the hair? I wouldn't doubt it was real -- lots of people save hair! -- but if it's super old it will crumble...


HalfAsstic.com said...

Oh, I love all the things that you pictured! My grandmother was very much into hummingbirds as well... So, like, you think that's some sort of prerequisite for being a grandmother? Cause I like them just fine, even have a feeder, but I better wait to really get into them till the girls are at least married, AND MOVED OUT OF HERE. ;-)

Karen Deborah said...

awhh isn't that a nice thought? A dusty who knows who's hair or how old ponytail clipping? Hummm
are you sneezing yet?
love the treasures...and their memories.