Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Business Up Front; Party in the Back (Contest Included)

I'm doing it. I'm starting my own business. It's still in the planning and development stages, but I'm creating and getting ahead of myself. So I thought I'd share. It's so much fun! AND! A contest!

Check out what I've been doing in my spare time, when I haven't been a big ol' slug.

That one is my mom's new lap board. I can make another, though. Mostly like it, but not identical.

And this!

A good friend took this one home. I can make another, similar to it. No two are alike, though. Especially since I wasn't wild about the medium I used to color this one.

And this!

Laura~Peach bought this one for the divine Miz EmJay. I have another one for Laura nearly done.

Isn't this fun?

This was my first sale. It's actually not Wilbur, but done from a photo of a baby pig. I squishy heart this one.

The latest isn't done, but it's the lid to a pencil box with a slide top, waiting for someone's name. Oatmeal Head had that look in his eyes, like it should have his name on it, but "Oatmeal Head" just wouldn't look right here. I'm thinking it's perfect for a kid's art supplies, or makeup brushes, or ... make something up.

The hair barrettes are really my favorite. I'm just going to throw a few out there.

These are the latest two, for my high school English teacher. We just reconnected on FaceCrack recently.

Cool, huh?

Now comes the contest. One of the earliest burnings that I did was this one:

Recognize those cows? I'm going to give this painted burning away. But you have to leave a comment. I've never been comfortable asking people to blog about my contests, or any other form of getting the word out. So just leave a comment. Tell me how talented I am. How much you love my burned animals. Shoot, tell me you want to buy one of these beauties or commission one. That would rock. Just make sure I can get in touch with you in any event, in case you win Fred & Bessie.

Contest ends a week from today, April 21st, at midnight where you live. I'll use the random number generator to pick the winner. And do feel free to mention this contest anywhere you like. I'm just not going to twist your arm is all. :)

Until I write again ...


P.S. That dragon on a box? I post photos to FaceCrack regularly and it's already sold! But! I can make another. So. Ya know.


Mental P Mama said...

Ummmm. Fred and Bessie belong with me. Just so you know....

Trisha said...

By the way - how ARE the terrible twosome, Fred and Bessie? Haven't heard from them for a while!

I love your work. If only I had some more hair - I would get that barrette thing with the eyeball on it.

You rock!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I love in the country so I have plenty of room for Fred & Bessie.
You have talent Flea. Lots of it!

Jill of All Trades said...

How fun that is.

Daryl said...

Hey who hosted them with the mostest and bestest photos ever ..huh? huh? ME!

Mary said...

Awww Fred and Bessie want to live in DJ's room since he outgrew his t-shirt! hehe
I have 3 little vintage ceramic pigs who are just a little smaller than the bovine buddies, and I thought of you when I saw them, so if you want 'em..... come to Macon and get them!! hahaha Love ya!

Mary said...

Oh yeah, you're really talented, I'm super jealous, favorite cousin, blah blah blahcomeseeme!!! ;)

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new business venture! That is 'udderly' cool okay I was trying to be creative and tie in the cute barrettes

Chelf said...

Flea, I love your creativity! Everything I see that you touch turns to Awesome (not gold, cuz you have to sell them to get that).

I love the cows. We are great buddies. I want the cows, O Random Finder of Winners. :0)

I have some ideas to commission, but we can get to that later, when I have money to pay for what I want. Love you!

Karen Deborah said...

humm so Mental P mama is already making plans to fill up the new condo! You are feeling better! Look at all this artistic energy!! Good for you kiddo! You rawk. I like the PIG. This is seriously some good news out of Ok.

Girl of True Heart said...

Oh my goodness! You are AMAZING! I know for sure that I am the proud owner of two piece of your creativity!

Krista said...

What a busy little bee you have been! You're gettin' so good at it!

Memaw's memories said...

Congratulations on your new endeavor.

You do really good work.

ken said...

Such nice work! I love this!

Bradley_H said...

I'm very impressed with your talent. I always knew you were talented, but I didn't know you liked to burn things. COOL!

Debbie said...

Love your work. Fred and Bessie need to live with me. I "wood" take good care of them!!!LOL

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Anonymous said...

Flea all of your art makes me squishy hearted!!! I love your new wood burnings, your smocking, your cool tshirts everything!! I bet Fred and Bessie remember what a good time they had with MPM!!

Anonymous said...

How much for the art thingy waiting for a name? :3

(I ♥ these btw~)

bc said...

Talk is cheap the, buy, buy...I love my burned dogs and hair barrettes and plan to buy some more...

imbeingheldhostage said...

MPM moved, Fred and Bessie would be be scared going to a new place-- they should come here!
Wait, I moved too.

Hey, I'm up for commissions. I have a giraffe crazy friend and a butterfly lovin'mama. We should talk.