Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Her Mother's Hope Winner

Before I announce the winner of the book giveaway for Her Mother's Hope, by Francine Rivers, I'd like to do a little review. I'm not a very good reviewer, but I will give you my overall feel for the book. Honestly.

This book looks bigger than it is. It's definitely an epic tale, starting prior to WWI, the story of a woman driven/running from home in Switzerland and eventually making it to America. The second half of the book (which made me bawl like a baby), is the tale of this woman's daughter. The book is 483 pages long, but the print is large-ish, making for a quicker read than I expected - two days for me. Which is to say that it took awhile to get through.

It's a story of anger and bitterness. Of pulling one's self up by the boot straps. It's hard work and misunderstandings. The marriage in the story breaks my heart and makes me smile all at once. The children's perspective of their parents does the same thing. It made me wonder how my own children see me and the Hunny. There's tragedy, hope, frustration, pain.

All that said, I still felt like the characters were deep pockets of personality in a few places, but that their lives were glossed over in parts where I wanted to know more. If it's going to be epic, dig in deep. But I truly did love this book. I could relate to the women on different levels.

BUT! There's going to be a second book! It comes out in the fall. So I get all the way to the end and *gasp* there's no ending! There is, but it's not what I wanted. So. Mrs. Rivers. Get the second one out already! I'll be lining up to read it!

Now! The winner of the book giveaway! Drumroll, please ...

Trisha, of In My Dreams I Can Talk! Hoorah! Trisha, I'll probably be shipping the book about the same time I ship Daryl the cows, which will be later in the week (still putting finishing touches on cows).

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Trisha said...

I AM SO EXCITED! I won the book! Can't wait to get it and start reading - hopefully, its arrival will correlate with the end of my class so I will have time to actually just sit and read!

Daryl said...


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Anonymous said...

Well whaddaya know? Here I am a day late and a dollar short!

Congratulations Trisha!

Mental P Mama said...

W00t Trisha!