Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm a Good Mother, I Am

I found this at Noe Noe's and thought it was the coolest little quiz. Y'all know I love a good quiz. Or meme. Speaking of meme's, someone tagged me for one recently. I think it was Krista at Shades of Blonde? I'll let y'all take this quiz while I figure out who tagged me and get back to ya.

What type of Mother Hen Are You?
by Montessorimom.com: Educational Resource

Until I write again ...



Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

You already know I'm a Gentle Mother Hen. How did you get to be the Groovy Mom!


Karen said...

Seriously?! The way I let Micah dress in skirts (or not at all!) and encourage the kids to be individuals, and I get to be GENTLE? How come I can't be groovy? *sigh*

Mental P Mama said...

We are two Groovy Moms in a pod. And you are an awesome Mom;)