Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Verdict

Okay. So the Hunny and I went to Norman on Monday to check out Oklahoma University's Master of Professional Writing program. Took the tour of the school. In 105 degree heat, no less. A beautiful campus.

Bottom line, I love the degree. Hate the commute. Why on earth is a writing degree all on campus? Not a lick of it is online. *sigh* A two hour drive might kill me.

So. I start the application process. Start writing my 50 consecutive pages of interesting things (lots of false starts so far). And I try and remember to blog and catch up with all of you in the gaps. And stop reading thrillers so I can get this done. Heh.

Until I write again ...



Leenie said...

I thought reading thrillers and catching on all your blog buddies were the same thing!

Best wishes and good luck with those 50 consecutive pages of interesting things.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

You may have to move on campus and come home on the weekends. Seriously two hours one way?

Daryl said...

Do you have to commute every day or just 2-3 days a week?

judi/Gmj said...

TU has no such program??
Did Stephen King get this degree? How about Walt Whitman? giggling here..

You do what you need to do... maybe carpool?

Mental P Mama said...

That's a ridic commute! Every day???

Trisha said...

You can do it! 50 pages is nothing for a mind like yours!

I do agree that the commute is a bit ridiculous - as is the fact that none of the classes can be had online!

Jill of All Trades said...

Hang in there. It will go fast.

Chelf said...

Well, you can always stop by my house, and rest before the drive home.

We can go eat at different local joints... I can be your first reader! Editor. Proofreader. Typist? Oh, I can introduce you to the best coffee shop in the state!

Do you still have my number? Call me sometime, and we can meet up. I can even come to OU for you. Or we can meet at Pops and share a Dublin Dr. Pepper, and make notes.

You are going to do so very well at this!!

Anonymous said...

I admire your desire to learn to write better, but judging by your blog, don't you think you should start a little lower academically?

I hear Dr. Zeus has a number of books that could help you.

Heather said...

What a load of crap from the crap blog guy. Obviously he whittles away his time as an online detective because his real life detecting skills expelled him from the Bobby club. As if in the reading of ONE post he could possibly ascertain a person's need to take lessons from Dr. Zeus. Who is that? Perhaps he meant Dr. Seuss. If he did, then the crap blog detective and his poor excuse of an homage to Sherlock should return to grade school where he can get Hooked on Phonics. "S" and "Z" are two different letters in the English alphabet. They sound the same in Spanish, but wait, he's British. Everything pretty much comes out sounding like pretentious, anal-retentive, drunken nonsense. Just sayin'.

Flea - shun! Shun the nonbeliever! This guy obviously didn't get enough candy as a kid. Pursue this or any degree to your heart's content. Youse isa purty smart filly 'n I'm a thinkin you could scratch off a few a them lines o' limericks or, heck fire, even scribble off 50 pages o' reflectin' on that crap guy. His blog has loads of crap. Write yer heart out. Us silly southerners. Thinkin' we's knows us some English. Gosh. I believe I've been edumucated.