Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chronic Headache Cure

WooHOO! The internet is back in my HAWSE! And it ROCKS!!!

So. It came back yesterday and I didn't go online at all. That's a good thing. Mostly because I had a migraine. That's a bad thing. It seems to be gone now. That's a good thing.

I need to give a shout out to the doctor who's gotten rid of all but my hormonal migraines. Yes, I'm recovering from two days of migraine. But the tension headaches which were slamming me two, three, four days a week? Completely gone.

Who do I have to thank for that? Y'all, if you live in or near Tulsa and are in any kind of chronic pain, see Dr. Powell. I've only been going to see him since July, but twenty years of headaches are already just a bad memory. I've heard all kinds of stories about bad chiropractors, and honestly, it never occurred to me to see one about the headaches. But I can't say enough about not being in pain!

Sadly, he can't fix my hormones. Happily, the hormonal migraines are bad only every three or four months. This is my first ugly one since July, I think.

If you're a chiropractic virgin, like I was before this experience, let me tell you what to expect. Because I was terrified. I don't like to be touched. I don't like massage. I don't like those little electric pulsing pads put on my back. Don't touch me! It hurts! Not anymore. Yay!

Initially I was put on the traction table, a long padded table with a hollow center. At the push of a button, a wide rolling bar works its way up and down the spine, loosening it up. I always ask for the lowest setting, since I'm a wuss. For some reason it bothers me on anything but low. That takes about three minutes. Not long enough for a nap.

Next is face down on another table, electric massage pads put on my neck and shoulders (they put them on my Hunny's lower back, since that's where his pain is). This one freaked me out initially. I whined a lot. Wouldn't let the tech set it more than the lowest setting. I got over that pretty quickly. I love those little electric pulse thingies now. They REALLY loosen up the targeted muscles, zapping painful spots. This takes about ten minutes. DEFINITELY long enough for a nap. The bad part is facing the doctor with lines on your face and drool on your chin. Man, it feels great, though.

On your initial visit the doc will take x-rays. Only takes a couple of minutes, standing, no undressing (I don't think - I don't remember having to use a hospital gown). Easy and painless. He wants to see what your spine looks like before he adjusts you. My spine wasn't too bad, but my neck goes straight forward instead of gently curving backward. Something about years of reading, computer use, smocking and other hand work? Surely not.

Last, but certainly not least, it's into the doctor's office, where he explains the x-rays (just on the second visit), then asks a lot of questions about the pain, whether or not you've been in any accidents of any kind. After the first week he always asks about the pain, better or worse, what's going on with it.

Yet another table. For me it's face down first while he looks for tight spots, or whatever it is Dr. Powell looks for, then pushes those spots into obedience. This is the worst part for me. I have some pretty tight spots. They're getting better, but he'll often tell me that I'll need to ice for a day or so, since he's breaking up lactic acid build up in my muscles. Oh, and drink plenty of water to help flush it out. This part takes a minute or less. Just wincing on my part while he pushes knots on my back.

Last, usually, I flip over like a pancake and he adjusts my neck. This is my favorite part. He uses his fingers to find the tight spots, then cracks my neck nine ways to Sunday. I love that sound. If I could crack my own neck, I would. And I feel SO much better afterward. Totally rocks.

Go home. Ice the neck and shoulders 20 minutes at a time. Come back a couple of days later and do it again! Tension headache free for two months and loving it! Thank you, Dr. Powell!

Until I write again ...



Daryl said...

He sure does a lot . my chiro manipulates my back and my neck ... period .. no fancy schmancy electrodes or rolling tables ... but it works just as well ... easy peasy ...

Trisha said...

Wow - that is a lot of work being done on you! Glad that it helps so much! No headaches is wonderful!

Debbie said...

I had a few visits years ago, but it doesn't sound as wonderful as yours...

Congrats on the headache relief and on having the Internet! w00t!!

Mental P Mama said...

Always go the alternative route if it works. So glad you are better!

Pearl said...

It's amazing, the spine, isn't it?

Yoga, my friend. Yoga!

Understand about migraines. Mine are of the two-seconds-but-like-being-shot-in-the-head variety. If you ever see me clutch my head like I believe I may have exploded, that's what it is...

Feel better!


Diane said...

As long as it works, that's what matters! So glad you're improving!