Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Review, Stuff Christians Like

I thought I'd start my Tuesday reviews with one of the multitude of thrillers and murder mysteries I've been reading the last few months. I was prepped to drag you into the world of Dr. Alex Delaware, or V. I. Warshawski.

I thought wrong.

This weekend my friend Heather gave me the book Stuff Christians Like. The kids and I spent the weekend laughing at this book. And to think, it all started as a blog.

Goof Ball spent half an hour flipping through looking at the illustrations - he seemed to be especially taken with A Trampoline Moat of Lions. The lions leaping in the air are hilarious. And much better protection than a hedge (Christians are known to pray for a "hedge of protection" for someone - what the freak?). He definitely has that one right.

Some of the things which crack me up are the diagram of how close to be when you dance (leaving room for the Holy Spirit when you dance), not knowing if we're supposed to pray for friends having plastic surgery, trying not to complain around missionaries ("I am riveted by this tale of survival and hardship you are spinning, much like the black widow spiders I routinely sweep off my dirt floor or 'bed' if you will. Please do go on."), and side hugs, where there's no risk of two crotches touching.

Jon Acuff is a funny guy. Even if you don't pick up his book, take a peek at his blog. This one about the messy and awkward appealed to me.

Next week I promise a mystery review. And so I actually read the books I keep meaning to read, the following week I'll review Influencer, which I'm currently halfway through. It's fantastic, but not fiction, so I'm moving through it slowly.

Until I write again ...



Daryl said...

Have you read the really early Delaware books? Do you love Milo?

Leenie said...

Always good to see a group, especially a religious group, laugh at themselves. Taking yourself too seriously is a big step over the edge. Find joy in the journey. LOL

As for houses not selling, my theory is if just ONE sells it will set off a domino effect bigger than pizzas at Superbowl halftime. Lets all pray for that JUST ONE house to sell!!

Mental P Mama said...

It did start as a website...funny stuff;)

Pearl said...

I agree with you! Really funny stuff!