Monday, November 1, 2010

The Demise of a Clown *sniffle*

My Hunny came home! And I left. In the interim, we had a bit of fun.

See, I know why my Hunny is afraid of clowns. It has something to do with seeing Poltergeist as a kid (I did too, but no clown damage there), and equal parts growing up with a mother who dresses amazingly like a clown. There are days I think I see her on the street or in a store and have to shake myself and remember that she's 1,500 miles away.

I know these things about him. Yet I torture him. It's wonderful, married life. I highly recommend it.

So I tucked the latest clown away on my Hunny's work bench, with his leather craft stuff. He loves to work there and relax after a stressful day. I get that. I do. See where this little fella made himself at home?

He's adorable. Who wouldn't love this little clown?

My Hunny. That's who. He went to work on something, and the next thing I know I'm hearing a loud banging and the crushing of ceramic. Hunny has a nice mallet for pounding leather. And clowns, evidently. He had such a satisfied grin when he brought me a box a few minutes later. Take a look:

Sad, huh?

Such wanton destruction.

I love this so. Am actively seeking clowns. If you have one you'd like to donate, please let me know and I'll give you my mailing address. Heh.

Until I write again ...



Leenie said...

ROFL! You and your hunny have such a fine marriage.

I agree the clown in Poltergeist is one CREEEPY gosh-awful nasty clown. That whole movie is one that scared me in such a fun way that I went back for more several times. CAROL-ANN! CAROL-ANN! Don't go to the light! (eeeeee! snicker).

Don't have any clowns to donate, but looking forward to the next scare.

Trisha said...

Clown-icide! Oh my! Such a violent act from such a good man!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny. I'd be on the search for clowns too. LOL!

Debbie said...

I have no clowns but after reading this...I have a huge smile! I love it.

Pearl said...

I am so keeping my eyes open...