Monday, December 6, 2010

Changes Suck

I love All the Single Ladies, by Beyonce. It makes me move. Making this girl move is next to impossible. Here. Move with me!

This weekend I discovered a new version. Oh. Em. Gee.

Before I go there, I have to tell y'all that I've been in mourning for the me that was.

I think I'm going through The Change, y'all. My deodorant stops working at noon. I've used Secret for 30 years and I thought maybe they changed their formula. But the afternoon flushes, the weepiness for no reason, they tell me different. Y'all, I have been using compounded progesterone cream for THREE YEARS. And I'm forty three! Too young for this.

Alas, it seems not. The sucky thing is, I didn't think I'd mind this change. It's a kind of magical thinking, like telling myself when the kids were little that SURELY they couldn't change too much once they became teenagers.

Both. Were lies. Lies from the pit of Hell.

I hate this change. It's freaking me out. Well, it was. Until I found this video. Now I feel a tiny bit better. Better like I felt when I realized my teenagers would soon move out and go to college. Just watch.

Isn't that a beautiful thing? I'm ready for my closeup now.

Until I write again ...



Debbie said...

Have I told ya I love you just the way you are? LOVE this. I started pre"change" at 42. With your sense of humor and outlook on life, you my dear, will do just FINE!

Diane said...

Ah... the change. I think I have found the right med combo to get through this without adding hormones. One thing is for sure, it's not for wimps!
And yes, you'll get through it. Wear layers.

Trisha said...

That was wonderful! Thanks for sharing! You always seem to find just the right video for the occasion.

Laura~peach~ said...

some changes are good.... honest... i think... yeah i do.

Leenie said...

Change happens. There is no standing in on spot for very long in this life. The actual CHANGE is NOT FUN and is NOT FOR WIMPS. If anything, it helped me remember all the hormone weirdness involved with adolescence. Now when I don't have teens in the house I think I finally understand them a little better.

But after YEARS the sweating and the weeping finally went away as well the need to buy tampons and the need to deal with all THAT. It's better on the other side in so many ways. Get a good doctor and hang in there, Flea.

Pearl said...

Same thing over here, unmedicated. Finding myself kicking off all the covers in a Minneapolis winter. Nature is surely a thing to behold!


Daryl said...

Ah .. meds, hormones ... love them ... yes I know I have heard all the stories both good and bad and I choose to do the HRT .. but my advice is no caffiene, no spicy foods .. eat almonds, soba noodles and drink lots of water .. exercise or not ... makes no difference .. get some sort of estrogen, a low low dose, and it will all get better