Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Second Day of the New Year

My blog friend, Daisy, did something wonderful on her blog. And I decided that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. No? So. In honor of my Composting friend, I'm posting the links to the first post of each month this last year. And in honor of my own erratic posting, I'm not posting this on the first, but on the second day of the new year. So there.

Ready? Set? Go!

December: Changes Suck is a social commentary on menopause. Okay, there's a really funny music video. Happy now? Go watch it and laugh, people.

November: The Demise of a Clown - I must say, I'm disappointed that no one has sent me a clown yet. Very sad. Fortunately for me, my friend, Heather, has been collecting clowns for blog amusement. Expect to see more clown torture in 2011.

October: Harry Eyeball - the photo really speaks for itself. I love this kid.

September: It's Why Women's Minds Are Cleaner Than Men's - Aaaaand I've changed it again. I give up. No grad school for me in the immediate future. At this rate I'd crash and burn before the first semester ended. *le sigh*

August: Shh! I'm Not Here - I fixed the "o" button. James Thurber would be pleased.

July: Intermission - one little post in July! P.S. I didn't die. P.P.S. I was a better parent for it. Not having internet, I mean, not the not dying part. Though that probably helped, too.

June: Funny Bone Monday (for and about old people) - I was winding down and wearing thin at this point.

May: Funny Bone Monday (the Chuck Norris Edition) - who doesn't love Chuck? In fact, Goof Ball got a book of Chuck facts for Christmas. I now love Norris slightly less. Shh! Don't tell him or I'll die by round house kick to the head. No one wants that. Well, I don't want that.

April: The Thyroid, I Don't Want It - I call this my whining stage. I should be going in for more labs this week. I'm exhausted again.

March: Another Funny Bone Monday! Dang. I almost miss those. Almost.

February: Stink! Yet ANOTHER Funny Bone Monday! I must say, I like the Ninja version. Ninja farts are funny stuff.

January: Kettle Contest - I swear I never want to see another cow again. And MPM? The kettle up and disappeared one day. I owe you something fun.

Well, y'all. Nothing earth shattering there. Have a great year, will ya?

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

I do so miss those cows....

Debbie said...

Yes, just where are Fred & Bessie?

This just proves how nutty and crazy you are and why we love you.

Flea year at a glance...

Diane said...

Fred and Bessie... blast from the past! Thanks for the trip down memory lane... as opposed to my trip down mammary lane!

Leenie said...

I'm with the above. What happened to F&B? Love your blog in all its stages. Congrats on surviving the the no internet summer although I missed you much. New year, new calendar and new CLOWNS! Bless your Hunny and kids too.

Crazed Nitwit said...

Happy New Year and I dearly hope the clown makes many more appearances.

Trisha said...

Hey - I was just wondering if Fred and Bessie had retired. No plans for an encore presentation?

Happy 2nd day of the New Year my friend!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Well I am fond of the Harry Eyeball!