Monday, January 31, 2011


I met a new group of ladies this weekend and made a new friend or two. Allow me to introduce you?

My online friend, Georgie, of Decisionally Challenged, AKA Mrs. Bundy (how's that for an introduction?), lives just up the road from me (maybe five miles?) and though we've been blog buddies for a couple of years, we'd never met. I've been threatening to plant irises in her front yard for a couple of seasons now. Here's me and Georgie on Friday night at the Full Moon Cafe, a dueling piano bar in downtown Tulsa:

Isn't she adorable? I wanted to scoop her up and take her home. But she wouldn't fit in my pocket OR my purse, so that was out.

And why were we finally getting together after two years of promises to get together and missing each other? The ladies at the RHOK, the Real Housewives of Oklahoma, were having a get together! Georgie is one of the principle bloggers for the RHOK. I think I'm a member (just barely, and only because Georgie invited me to be).

So, a couple of ladies whose company I enjoyed have their own blogs. Just want to give them a shout out here, as well as another Tulsa bloggers I've recently gotten to know.

First, the founder of the RHOK, Dawn, AKA Mrs. Albright, at Dawn's Diversions - I sat across from her and we talked thyroid. She's a real sweetie. Second was a cutie making the rounds of the table, she of The Mom Mayhem. I wish I remembered what we'd talked about, but by then I'd finished my one hard pear cider and short term memory was blinking *FULL*. Then I left because I've heard the dueling pianos and they're loud. And I was seated on the closest corner to one of the pianos. And I'm an introvert. So I was done socializing. So there.

My new friend, Jillian, is in the writer's group I started at my church last fall. She's creative and tidy and moves furniture on a regular basis. How do I know all this? Because I read her blog, The Greenest Version! Plus, we have things in common. Like moving here from central Florida! Only, she spent most of her life there until recently and I think she misses it some. I can't blame her this time of year. We're supposed to get ice and snow dumped on us tonight and tomorrow.

Now go read my new friends' blogs and leave me alone. I have some stockpiling to do before snowmaggedon arrives.

Until I write again ...



Leenie said...

Blogging is the best for friend finding. Fun to meet your new acquaintances. May the snowmageggon pass over your neighborhood. Maybe the blood of a weatherman on your door posts?

Snooty Primadona said...

You two are both adorable! It sounds like a really fun night. I probably would have closed the place down 'cause I'm an extrovert.

We're hunkering down for the same storm, expected here tomorrow night. They. Say. Widiots!

Pearl said...

's been snowing here since last night. Don't you just love winter?

As for the hard-pear cider, oh, yes, please! I'm good for four of those babies and then we have to order the nachos. Yum.

Nice making friends on the interwebs, isn't it?! :-)


Debbie said...

Amazed that these ladies live so close and you haven't met before now!!! Cool.

I'm going to go visit because I move furniture too.