Friday, January 14, 2011


Another week, a third Gospel finished. Luke is thorough. He seems to have talked at length with Mary, Jesus' mother, as he says several times that she treasured things in her heart, holding onto what was precious about everything that happened. He also seems to have spoken at length with Peter, as Peter's view is strong.

My friend, Heather, is also listening. She made the observation that the Gospels are a beautiful transition from the God of the Old Testament - a God many people associate with wrath and smiting - and the God of the New Testament. Reading through the OT seriously reveals a God who is tender but just. Smiting happens. But He keeps reaching out to His children, drawing them in, embracing them.

Jesus is obviously the God of the Old Testament, but His harsh words and actions are directed to the hypocrites, the legalists, the selfish leaders. The people I find myself connecting to. The tender, compassionate side of Christ is obvious, seen as he heals, sets people free, draws children to Himself, is patient with His thick-headed followers.

My Hunny struggled with the side of Jesus which was never so obvious to him as now, the harsh side. I reminded him that Acts is just around the corner, that everything changes soon. A third view of God and how He loves His people will be evident in a few short chapters. Hang in there.

Hunny told me, last night, that he caught a glimpse of that side of Jesus. So cool that Jesus embodies His Father, Himself and the Spirit all at once. The miracle and mystery of God being three and one at once.

At the end of Luke is a story of Jesus walking with His disciples - it's after His resurrection and they don't realize who He is - deep in conversation. The followers are appalled that this stranger doesn't know what's been happening in Jerusalem the last couple of weeks, that He's unaware of the political prisoner - a prophet, His brutal death, the entire city in an uproar. And Jesus patiently lays out, one by one, the prophecies in the Old Testament which foretold His birth, life, death and resurrection.

The followers, when they finally understand that this is Jesus, that He's alive and with them, are overcome. My heart warms and melts as I read these lines. He loves them. He didn't leave them. The lost child inside of me is tugged toward Him as He lets them know He's not gone forever.

Again, there's a strong crossover with the Narnian books. Somehow, though, the Narnian chronicles allow the Gospels to become even more alive and real to me now. I love that.

So. I guess I'll leave it at that. I'm thinking we'll be in Acts by this time next week. That should be challenging for me. There's a lot there I don't understand. I struggle with some of it.

Until I write again ...



Snooty Primadona said...

I think the first half of the New Testament is much easier to read & understand. As it goes along, the lessons become more complex & difficult to interpret. For me, it was just harder to embrace so much of what I learning, so fast. In other words, it was slow for me to figure out many of the hidden meanings in His parables. Okay fine. It make me work harder for the divine meaning, but ultimately worth the effort.


Mental P Mama said...

I so want to join a Bible study group!

MIT Mommy said...

Hmm, not so good at bible study, but glad to stop by.

Debbie said...

"The lost child inside of me is tugged toward Him as He lets them know He's not gone forever"...

Made me tear smile :)

Bluebird49 said...

For us, right now, we're in the OT and are in Nehemiah, and will read Ezra when we finish this. (My hubby and I read at night together), and we always find something we had missed before.

Yes, I agree-Jesus is the God of the OT, too--the Creator of everything and He will be given power and will be King of Kings and Lord of Lords when He comes back. The one who came to Abram,etc.

Like Snooty Primadona, I agree about the Gospels, but I think it's because His words are there. When we step into the letters of Paul, I definitely agree with so many--Romans is the Christian's Constitution! If we were left with nothing else--it would be a mini Bible in itself.

Blessing as youall go through together!