Monday, March 14, 2011

Photo Fill-In

It's been a long, rough couple of weeks, but I've been conscious for nearly all of it, so HOORAY! I've also been taking photos along the way. Some I thought might interest you all.

Remember my attempt at making soap? I made soap again today, using up the rest of the glycerin chunks and some more aloe. I hate that stuff. Stupid whale snot. Here's what it looks like when you scrape the mucilaginous gross stuff out of the leaves:

And this:


In other news, my two favorite kiddos were at my house Friday. I think you'll remember this one from previous posts:

Ain't he a doll? His sister is just as darling. Especially in our geek glasses.


The kids are on spring break this week. I'm working three days and taking Goof Ball with me. Maybelline was accepted to the local technical school and will be spending her afternoons in their sound and broadcast program her senior year. Oatmeal Head was accepted into the pre-engineering program at tech. So. And dad will be home some this week, probably giving more driving lessons.

That's about all the fill-in I've got for now. Oh! Going to the Blue Ridge Christian Writer's Conference in May, with friend Heather. I plan on catching up with some of my author friends there and learning as much as my pea-brain can soak up.

NOW I'm done. Y'all have a good one!

Until I write again ...


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