Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In a Nutshell

Where to start? Last week I attended the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference in Ridgecrest, NC. It's a mouthful. And a pretty place.

I made friends:

Heather and Konnie - Heather attended with me

Renewed old friendships:

Eva Marie! One of my favorite authors! And a good friend and blogger to boot!

Attended some fantastic workshops, led by authors I admire. Ate cafeteria food that was pretty darned good. Made the mistake of drinking the coffee exactly ONCE. *shudder* That's a note to self right there.

I won't go in-depth about the conference here. We stayed busy and running up and down hills from dawn to past dusk. There were tears, laughter, enlightenment, entertainment, and more learning than I've been able to wrap my brain around. Oh, and tons of inspiration.

What I will do over the next few weeks is review books. Since I've been home I've finished two that authors signed (I have a weakness for author signed books), and a box of books should be arriving from North Carolina this week. I'm pretty excited about reviewing the first one I read, The Reluctant Prophet, by Nancy Rue. Definitely want to read more of her work, maybe find her teen books for some of my favorite kids.

Speaking of my favorite kids, it's off to work I go! I'll be catching up with you all tomorrow - tonight we celebrate Maybelline's 18th birthday!

Until I write again ...



Laura~peach~ said...

happy Birthday maybelline. :)

Trisha said...

Happy birthday to Maybelline.

That conference looks like it was a lot of fun! So glad that you got to go.

Leenie said...

Glad your up and running. Glad you had such a super time. And, selfishly, I'm glad you're back to blogging.

Karen said...

Congrats on the conference - it looks like tons of fun!