Monday, May 9, 2011

Will Resume Shortly ...

I am (drumroll, please) in Ridgecrest, NC. Blue Ridge Christian Writer's Conference, of all things.

I'm all kinds of excited.

So while I soak up classes, y'all have fun. I'll fill you all in when I return.


On a separate note, I know I've been ill quite a bit the last six months. It's hampered my blogging quite a bit.

Last Thursday I flew into Atlanta. I was at the tail end of my first case of bronchitis. I thought I was better. Evidently flying and bronchitis don't mix.

Friday night I walked into an Urgent Care clinic. Bronchitis, pneumonia and sinus infection, with a side of acid reflux.

The point of that story is that I fully intend to recover while relaxing, hence getting back to blogging when I return to Tulsa. Really. And reading blogs.

So everyone enjoy your week! I'll be catching up next week.

Until I write again ...



Laura~peach~ said...

am loving your foodie trip :) have fun rest and relax!

Debbie said...

Hope you enjoy NC!!

Take good care of yourself hon...

Trisha said...

Have fun at the conference and get well!

Leenie said...

The Good Flea needs some sea and sun and sand and down time. Too bad things like that are not mandatory for moms with teens and/or toddlers. Hope you get to pamper yourself a bit while away.

Best wishes for better health.

Pearl said...

Poor little Flea-Flea!

Get better. You are missed.

Perhaps someone should send you anonymous clowns -- would that pep you up some?