Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Books and Stuff

I'll be doing another book review tomorrow - Mike Dellosso's Scream. Stay tuned for details on a creepy horror book!

Hopefully I'll be reviewing another book next week - Eva Marie Everson's Chasing Sunsets. I bought it for my Kindle yesterday (poor neglected Kindle), and will start it this afternoon. Have to finish Scream first. Taking me awhile to read Scream - it freaks me out and I keep putting it down.

I started Stephen King's Misery a couple of weeks ago. Talk about creeping me out. I think I'm maybe 30 pages in. Right from the beginning I knew things would go VERY BADLY for the main character. Tough to stick with it with his future looking so painful from the outset.

Read another Gansky last week, Submerged, third in a series. Very good. I recommend the entire series. Kind of mystery meets thriller meets paranormal. Next week I hope to read a Gansky collaboration. Since I'm at the doctor's office with Maybelline, I don't have the title in front of me.

Maybelline might have strep, but probably not. Bad sore throat, lots of drainage, cough. We'll see. She goes to camp in a week and a half, so getting better is a priority.

I'll be popping around this evening, visiting most of you. Leave me a comment if you're not in my blogroll and I'll come say hi.

Until I write again ...



Heather said...

You and your reading. It's like you enjoy it or something. What's up with that!? I'm going to to read a Gansky soon as I finish Dr. Death. And Misery? You? It is probably the scariest book he has written simply because it could really happen. Alan to this day can't handle it if I say "Cockadoodie." Finish it. It's worth it. But read it during the day with lots of loved ones nearby. Or just Peep.

I hope she doesn't have strep! Tell her she's not allowed to be sick.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I've read Misery. Awesome and creepy!

Laura~peach~ said...

am reading a book... people of the mist... totally notwhat i thoughtit wouldbe (darn space bar is going out) iam having ahard time reading it but am somewhat curious to see what happens next... will let you knowhow it goes.
love stephen king ... the hardest book ofhis for me to read was shoot name escapes me...but have it here somewhere willget back to you on that... martha made it 2 pages into IT and screamed came running and said to burn that evil book LMAO.... I still have it of course.
the green mile and duma key and the stand are some of my most favorites.

Snooty Primadona said...

OMG! I just skip over the really scary parts, LOL! I can normally surmise what has taken place, without the added heart palpitations.

Sorry about Maybelline. I always had those troubles in Oklahoma. Here? No problem. No Humidity. No Mosquitoes. Only dirt allergies. Want to visit? LOL!

The Sports Mama said...

One of the things I like most about you is that you love books. :) How bad can a person be who loves books? Exactly!

Hope everyone is feeling better sooner rather than later!

(and I actually had to check to see if I'm in your blogroll... I am! Go, me!)