Friday, June 10, 2011

Chicken Watch (yes, yes - another one)

I know, I know ... another chicken watch. But! We have new feathered friends. Lookit!

Yes. It looks like one is a rooster. Yes. He's being listed on Craigslist as we speak.
They're still a little camera shy. Lemme try again ...

The one in the middle has an afro. Isn't she the cutest thing EVER?
Dang it! Okay then - let's attempt the three big peeps who live here already.

Scraggly looking critters, aren't they?
Little boogers. They're out of their coop and catching bugs instead of posing. One more time:

The red one's a runner
Stink. Well there's always Peep, who's a camera hog. Peep?

Yay! Peep's also a pig. She eats 24/7. Growing like a weed.

Thanks for popping in to see the chicks!

Until I write again ...



abb said...

When are they big enough to lay eggs? I am chicken clueless.

Heather said...

My favorite is mohawk chick. Please call it Mr. T.

I am still shocked by what a humorous suggestion over Christmas dinner has birthed. Alan just knew you guys would rip out his toenails for Peeps #1. And now...look at you. A veritable chicken farm. Heh. Me likey.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Love your chicks Flea!!

Leenie said...

Haha. Love that chicken watch. You have quite a variety of poultry there. Love the afro lady. You're gonna have eggs to eat and more to give away if you can keep them from escaping into the big wide world. Looks like they're great bug catchers already.

Pearl said...

Hey, Flea!

Love the chickies. My sister has quite a little gang of them and they never fail to crack me up.


p.s. Got the postcard. I love it!!

Memaw's memories said...

The chicks are so cute. I love chick babies/chicklets/chickee poos/ I'm not sure what to call them.

About reading suspense/horror, I'm just not into that. I have read a few of James Patterson's books, but only a few. They make me have really bad dreams.