Monday, June 20, 2011

Growing Pains

I went away for the weekend. Didja miss me? Didja? Huh?

Three days isn't very long to be gone from the Hunny and kids. Three days is a very long time to be gone from my Peep. See my Peep as a baby, just about three weeks ago?

On or about May 30th, posing with Fred and Bessie
See my Peep when I held her this morning?

Looking a little like a buzzard, but nowhere near the feathers of the other peeps
Freakin' eh. Little monster is growing like crazy.

I was worried, for awhile, that Peep seems to be waaaaay behind the others in her growing and getting feathers. Here's a shot of three of the others about Peep's age today:

The only thing they're missing here is their head feathers
Huge difference, huh? Then I read, just this morning in my chicken magazine, that Cochins (Peep's breed) are slow to mature. Whew! Poor wee Peep. The other chickens pick on her.

In other news, my Hunny's birthday is this coming weekend. And I plan to do a book review in the next day or two. Maybe a couple of reviews - one adult fiction and another children's chapter book fiction. I finally read Peter and the Starcatchers last week. LOVED it.

That's it. Y'all go on and get back to what you were doing. Solitaire on the computer or whatever. I'm going to get back to my lovely, soothing ironing.

Until I write again ...



Elizabeth said...

Awwww, I think they are so cute and funny when they are in their awkward feather stage, then (poof!) they suddenly turn into beautiful, fully feathered, young birds.

Pearl said...

Peeps is a late bloomer! :-)


Mental P Mama said...

Wait. There's a chicken magazine?

Cheryl Barker said...

Hey Flea, I'll have to check back later and read your book reviews.

By the way, I got around to updating my "Blogs to Visit" list, and I've got you listed now. Hope you have a good week!