Saturday, January 21, 2012


I realized today that I don't have any new gimmicks for the blog. You know - like Fred and Bessie, or Mr. Monkeysuit, or Funny Bone Monday. I mean, sure, I have chickens. And ducks. But they don't go on cool adventures or tell jokes, so what good are they? Besides laying eggs, I mean. They're pretty. And fluffy. Yeah.

The ducks do chase the dogs, so there's that.

But that gets old. Okay, it doesn't. But only for me is it always fresh.

Oh! There's Little Jimmy Dickens, whom, we've discovered, is a male. The following video is a tad mature. Just sayin'.

Then there are my derpy chickens. They hide their eggs for weeks at a time. So this is what we find in a back corner under some vines.

Beautiful. Don't know which ones have been there for how long. I boiled them all up and the chickens enjoyed a treat every day last week. Shells and all.

So no gimmick. And here I was wanting to blog again. Maybe I'll start slow and just catch up on y'all's blogs one at a time?

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

I don't know what you're talking about! These critters are highly entertaining beings!!!

Heather said...

You don't need no stinking gimmick. You are the Flea who is good. I spit in the general direction of those who think otherwise.

Jill of All Trades said...

I envy you with your sweet chickens. I wish we could have them or at least I wish I had the time to have them. My parents always had chickens. Sooooo cute.