Saturday, August 4, 2012

Road Trip for a New Blog

So I've started a new blog, see. For an old friend. It's, um, for profit. And treats. If you'll sit and stay, I'll show you.

A couple hours out of town, the Precious Moments Museum and Chapel - Fred and Bessie couldn't believe their eyes

Wendy's gorgeous Maine Coon. I want one. So badly.

A couple weeks back I took a road trip. Nearly 2,000 miles of trip in six days.  A different city and bed every night. Naturally, I LOVED it. I'm taking another road trip from Tulsa to Atlanta at the end of October, BTW, so let me know if you can put me up for the night either coming or going. I plan on visiting Laura-PeachZoZo, and Karen at the very least. Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi - wide open for my plans. Let me know.

Wendy and her darling daughter were most gracious hosts. Very tolerant. I hope my snoring didn't wake the whole family.

I don't think this little one lost any sleep. She's my new best friend.

This latest trip was to northern Illinois. You can read about it on my new blogHereHereHereHereAnd here. It was more fun than a barrel of tired monkeys. Is there such a thing as tired monkeys? Today you'll be privy to photos that aren't on that blog. Because I don't know and love those people the way I know and love y'all, see.

Rockford, IL, day three, at a diner for lunch. Fred and Bessie love road trips.

My friend's husband's man cave decor ROCKS.

Day four at the Bristol, WI, renaissance fair. Peep was so jealous when she saw this coat. I had to reassure her that her own coat is prettier.

Fred insisted I buy this and haul it home for him. I told him I'd take a picture. It would last longer.

Lupe', another college buddy, was my home the fourth night. I never realized she looks so much like a Bratz doll.

Tucker might be my favorite animal this trip. He's Laura's puppy.

After Lupe's house, I went west to Omaha, NE. Out of the way, but my other college friend has five kids and six chickens. Well worth the drive. :)

So let's talk road trip, shall we? Who'd like to put me up at the end of October? I'm a good guest. I bring chocolate. If I have enough of them, I bring fresh eggs. I'm looking forward to meeting more of my invisible friends in person!

Until I write again ...


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Debbie said...

Well, you just had yourself a fabulous trip!

I'm not in your line of travel girl, but I know you'll have no problem heading down this way :)