Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Child Car Seat Survey

My boy is a high school senior. He's doing this child car seat survey for a class and has asked me to post it on this blog. If you have a small child and a moment of time (those don't usually go together, I know), would you please write your answers in the comments? Copy and paste will probably work. Thanks!

Child Car Seat Survey
1. Have you ever experienced problems with your child’s car seat?
2. Was your car seat expensive?
3. Was your child able to easily unbuckle him/herself?
4. Did your child’s car seat come with easy to follow directions?
5. If you have ever gotten into a car wreck, with the child car seat in the car, did you have to purchase a replacement?
6. Does your child fit easily into the car seat?
7. Has your child’s car seat broken easily for any reason?
8. If yes, please explain. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
9. Has your child ever suffered from discomfort due to restraints?
10. Do you find car seats on average to be expensive compared to the expectations? Y N
11. Is money an object to you? Y N
12. If you have ever gotten into an accident with your child, within a car seat, was there any injuries? Y N
13. If so, please define the appropriate areas of bruising, fracturing, and general harm.
14. Does your child have impairments?
15. If yes, please explain. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
16. Was there any harm to your child car seat in extreme tempatures? Y N
17. If so, please explain where. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
18. When was the last time you have owned/had a car seat within your vehicle, (if possible, date/time)?
19. Was the space of which your child car seat displaced of satisfactory quality?
20. What was the best company you have purchased from?

Our team is in the midst of creating an ergonomically and economically improved child car seat. It will comprise of improved padding for children, a pneumatic system that will reduced G-force during collision, and a seat which toddlers of all sizes will be comfortable in.

If you have any questions or comments, please write them below. Thank you for taking our survey and have a nice day.

Thanks, everyone!

Until I write again ...


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

O Hai

O hai. I have photos that need to be seen. Lions and tigers and bears. And because I no longer blog here, and no one will see these, I'm just going to slap them on the page and leave it. Heh.

So my  boy broke his hand doing that fight-y thing he does - who knew that breaking a bone was on his bucket list? I told him that, from now on, he needs to clear his bucket list by me.

My other boy with our favorite nephew - isn't Calum handsome? He's growing up.

Our new cat, Bosco, looks very much like Lou the Loud. Sadly, we don't know where Lou went. :(

"I am the very model of a modern major general"

Petey is a very naughty duck. He bites his mama. A lot.

Bon Bon is a new hen. I think she's actually a very old hen. She's bossy enough to be an old biddy. I also think that she's ill.

Frodo, an Egyptian Fayoumi, is one of ten chicks. He's a rooster and needs a new home. But he's stinkin' cute and sassy.

Someone asked me for a blog interview. How cool is that? And they wanted a photo of me and my dogs. Oops. So I made the Hunny take a picture. I've taken better. I've taken worse.

There. I feel better. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Until I write again ...